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By limiting the number of companies we supply to, and with our highly optimised network, we provide exceptional communications and exceptional technical support.

Advanced ADSL bonding technology allows multiple ADSL lines to be bonded to create larger internet pipes. Bonded Broadband offers increased speed, reliability, flexibility, and resilience, as well as a 99.9% service level agreement.

If you are in an area where a single broadband is insufficient or an Ethernet circuit is unavailable or too costly, bonded broadband is an inexpensive and easily implemented alternative. Bonding Broadband allows you to multiply your speed by the number of lines you add - we currently support up to 8 bonded lines.

  • Increased performance and speed – up to 8 lines
  • Cheaper alternative to leased lines or SDSL
  • More reliable internet connection
  • Faster provisioning – usually within 14 days
  • Exceptional technical support
  • Networking monitoring and reporting
  • Multiple IP addressing / free enhanced line care
  • Managed bonded ADSL router with maintenance


From £80.00 pcm

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  • Carr’s Milling Industries plc
  • SG Fleet
  • Marsh
  • Teachers Media
  • Jennings LLP
  • Croftlands Trust
  • Inkspot Wifi
  • Vibralife Health Club and Fitness Clinic
  • Hydrant
  • Mitchells Chartered Accountants
  • Radioworks
  • Cumbrian Homes
Carr’s Milling plc

IP River provide a private MPLS network for mission critical 24/7 milling operations. This uses high speed fibre-based leased lines and the latest carrier grade Ethernet technology ...The level of service is excellent

Carr’s Milling plcGroup IT Manager
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