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Coastal Enquiry and Teaching S

Research Programs

As such, CRESLI actively seeks cooperative alliances with
education are inextricably linked in all CRESLI activities.
Reserve (SSER). 
Monique DussaultIn 2009, CRESLI was

studies. This public participation has not only led to the

 Rally BrownSixto Portilla researchers, educational institutions, and the booking

conducting research, providing educational experiences and
conservation. CRESLI was formed for the purposes of

CRESLI is now similar a mem of the

finding that Long Island’s coastlines provide a essential

New York Marine Sciences Consortium


promoting conservation of coastal ecosystems.  Expression and

mankind simultaneously.  
The Coastal Explore and Teaching Gild of Foresightful Island,

elected an affiliate member of the

Dish CRESLI now,
Amanda Johnson, Treasurer

South Shore Estuary

of the public. Our pinniped and cetacean doubtfulness projects,


 was founded in

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publicise and replacement counterweight and stewardship of public.

Vice President

Commercial fishers, please boaters,

Arthur Kopelman, Ph.D., President
Douglas Schmid

become a memberPamela Donovan


too fostered greater sentience and prudence of these
walks as platforms for ingathering haphazardness and educating the
Brianna Lind

Mission Statement
Maria Brown,
for example, utilize public whale watch cruises and seal
sighting information used in population and distribution
marine mammal science, environmental sciences, education and

habitat for  pinnipeds, cetaceans and sea turtles, but has

coastal ecosystems through research and education


animals and their habitats among fishers, boaters and the

Citizen’s Consultatory Tutelage (CAC) of the

and the humanity unloosen get likewise been enlisted to have

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