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IP River provide a private MPLS network for mission critical 24/7 milling operations. This uses high speed fibre-based leased lines and the latest carrier grade Ethernet technology ...The level of service is excellent

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We only supply to a limited number of businesses, so we can provide exceptional technical support.

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Our Cisco-qualified and Samsung technicians have many years of experience in the IT and Telecoms industries, so you'll only ever deal with experts in their fields.

  • Carr’s Milling Industries plc
  • SG Fleet
  • Marsh
  • Teachers Media
  • Jennings LLP
  • Croftlands Trust
  • Inkspot Wifi
  • Vibralife Health Club and Fitness Clinic

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) is a secure, scalable, and manageable means of connecting multiple sites into a private network. It offers six levels of quality of service to ensure that latency-sensitive traffic, such as voice and video, is prioritised across the network.

MPLS ensures the performance of important applications across your wide area network (WAN). Guarantees on uptime, packet loss, and latency are included.

You can choose from a wide range of access methods from ADSL to international leased lines.

  • CoS/QoS (Class of Service/Quality of Service) throughout the network – which is important if your company plans to implement services such as VOIP (voice-over internet protocol) across your wireless network or other crucial applications.
  • Scalable – you can easily add to it because the underlying IP technology supports 'any-to-any' connectivity
  • Wide range of access methods, including uncontended ADSL, Bonded and Ethernet
  • Back-up options available
  • Service level agreement
  • Exceptional technical support


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